YMCA in Burton – Sleepout 2023

The YMCA in Burton – Sleepout 2023 is something the YMCA in Burton organise each year to raise money for the homeless in and around the Burton on Trent area. There is no national figure for how many people are homeless across the UK. … For the last five years’ core homelessness has been rising year on year in England, reaching a peak just before the pandemic when the numbers of homeless households jumped from 207,600 in 2018 to over 219,000 at the end of 2019.

The YMCA in Burton are having a ‘Sleepout’ night on Friday 10th November, sponsored by many local businesses including Crescent Motors in Burton. People giving up their bed for one night and sleeping in a box makes us appreciate what it’s like to sleep rough brings it home as to how lucky we all are to have a roof over our heads.

Homelessness can happen to any one of us. It has no boundaries and lives & circumstances can change very quickly. No one wakes up & decides to be homeless.  There are many reasons & life changing moments than can lead to sleeping rough on the streets.

YMCA in Burton - Sleepout 2021

Homeless man sleeping rough

The YMCA need your help to raise vital funds for their services. Visit the YMCA Burton website for more details and information on how you can get involved with this incredible charity. Click here to see a video on the video about the ‘Sleepout 2020’.

YMCA in Burton - Sleepout 2023

Save the date!

Good Luck to everyone giving up their beds for the night and raising money for this wonderful charity. Fingers crossed the weather will stay fine. 🙂