Why use your air conditioning in the winter?

At Crescent Motoring Services, we always do!

The main reasons for this is to keep the system flowing. Like with your overall car itself, your air conditioning system uses refrigerants and oils.

  • Keep your windscreen demisted
  • Limit the build-up of mould & harmful bacteria
  • Save money. A lack of use can lead to a need for repairs!

Remember that we also offer Air Con re-gassing to, which is a very popular service around April/May time, so why not book yours in now?

❄Why do we do this?❄

  • To get the air con refrigerant recharge to manufacturers’ recommended levels
  • Replenishment of system oil
  • Thorough checks for leaks, performance and temperature
  • Evacuation of moisture and air from the system, plus refrigerant recovery

Many people do not realise that they should use their air conditioning in the winter but these reasons mean that you do!

Here is the RAC’s take on this! – RAC tips

Why use your air conditioning in the winter?

Winter air con checks

If you have any queries let us know. Stuart, Lyndsey and the team are always on hand to help.

Call Stuart or Jenny today on 01283 509000 to get your vehicle booked in for its winter check and don’t forget to use your air conditioning all year round!