Why does my car squeak when I break?

Brakes are very important to any vehicle. Of course they are! It’s what makes us stop!

This is why most drivers get worried and annoyed when they notice squeaky sounds in their vehicles as they apply their brakes. It’s unnerving and drivers think they are not going to work all of a sudden.

Even after trying to stop their brakes from squeaking, some might notice the noise is still persistent.

So, no need to worry. The brake squeaking does not necessarily mean that the brake system is damaged or malfunctioning. There are several factors to consider that can be responsible for this.

Brakes are simply mechanical devices that hinder motion. Common types of car brakes include; disc brakes, drum brakes, emergency brakes, and anti-lock brakes. A lot of modern cars use the disc brake system, which is a lot more efficient, the brakes are installed on all four of your wheels, and it is held by the caliper. They function by squeezing against a disc, and the pressure from this action slows down your vehicle. This is part of the reason why your car slows down when you step on the pedal.

Why does my car squeak when I break? Crescent Motoring Services in Burton can check them.

Brake problems?

What causes the squeaky sound?

To stop the brakes squeaking when driving, you need to first understand the various causes of this. Below is an outline of the common factors that can cause your car to squeak when you apply the brakes. This will help you in streamline the actual cause of this before you bring your vehicle into Crescent Motoring Services for them to be checked by a qualified mechanic.

  1. When you brake hard

Sometimes is unavoidable to slam your brakes, like when someone suddenly runs in front of your vehicle while driving or a traffic light changes quickly. All of these causes you to apply pressure to your brake pads quickly, and this can cause your car to make a squeaking noise. Braking hard can affect the brake discs of your vehicle and wear out your brake pads. You have to be vigilant while driving to eliminate the chances of braking hard.

  1. Rusty Brake Discs

When your vehicle’s brake discs loses its efficiency through wear and tear it increases the friction between the brakes discs and pads. This can lead to the brakes squeaking. Rust and accumulation of debris can cause your vehicle to squeak when you hit the brake pedals. The rust or debris needs to be filed off.

  1. New brake pads

Three major types of brake pads are semi-metallic, organic, and ceramic. Metallic brake pads are mostly used for a lot of modern vehicles due to their effectiveness, but they are highly prone to making noises. So, if you notice squeaky noises from your vehicle, it can be due to the composition of your vehicle’s brake pads. Another cause is the improper placement of new brake pads, which might come up if you fail to tighten your brake mechanism after replacing the old brake pads.

This can cause your brakes to make noises due to excessive vibration. Therefore, necessary adjustments are needed by an expert mechanic to kill the noise.

  1. No lubrication on the backing plate

When you fail to lubricate your vehicle’s backing plate and brake caliper, it can cause your brakes to make squeaky noises, irritating the ears!!

  1. Accumulation of moisture on the brake discs

After using your vehicle for a while, you might start noticing some squeaking noises when you apply the brakes. Accumulation of moisture can also cause your brakes to squeal when wet and also cause your vehicle’s brake disc to rust over time. However, it can take some stops for your brake pads to remove this from your brake disc. All you need is to regularly maintain your brake system as moisture cannot be prevented from touching the surface of your brake disc.

  1. Worn out brake pads

A worn-out brake pad is common for vehicles that have been used for a long period. This can cause a squeaky noise which is created by your metallic brake pads. So, if you are using an old vehicle and you notice squeaking noises, there is a high chance that it is caused by a worn-out brake pad. This can damage the brake disc of your vehicle and they need replacing. If you are ever unsure, please call in to Crescent Motors or call in and see us and we can book you in for a brakes check.

Why does my car squeak when I break? Find out at Crescent Motoring Services in Burton, Expert car mechanics

Brake problems

So, if you are experiencing squeaky brakes or they are making a grinding noise, you need to take action. Call Stu or Jenny at Crescent Motoring Services to book your car in with us. Alternatively, send us a message here. We will examine your vehicle, explain what is wrong and advise what the next steps are. We will never work on your vehicle before discussing it with you first.