Is it time for an air conditioning check?

Do you need your air conditioning checking? The warmer weather is upon us at last! Let’s hope its here to stay! Do you use your air conditioning in your car? When was the last time you had it checked?

What are the possible signs that a car needs an air conditioning service and recharge/re-gas?

  • If warm air is blowing out of the vents.
  • When the air conditioner only intermittently functions correctly.
  • Foul smells emanating from the air conditioning vents are signs that mould and bacteria have infested the air conditioning system

Crescent Motors in Burton recommend you get it checked every 2 years. 😉

We also recommend that you use it in the winter as well as the summer as it de-mists the windows much quicker!!

So, Is it time for an air conditioning check? The Crescent Motoring Services Air Conditioning Machine is fully equipped to re-gas old and new Air Con systems so book it in when you can and we can sort any problems that you might have. It’s going to get warmer again so you will need it to work!

Why should I have my air conditioning serviced? Crescent Motoring Services have the expertise

Here are some handy ‘AA’ tips too.

Air conditioning re gas

If your Air Conditioning isn’t working well, not at all, or you think it needs re- gassing, contact Stuart or Joe on 01283 509000 to book your vehicle in. Alternatively, book your car in here.