Hybrid cars – Is this an option for you?

Most people love the idea of a hybrid, however don’t really know a lot about them……
We want to keep you more informed. So, Hybrid cars – Is this an option for you?

What are the pro’s?

✔Familiarity – Whilst driving a hybrid you shouldn’t notice that much of a difference to a normal car.

✔Efficiency – The electric motor is there to improve fuel economy & overall efficiency. A hybrid will be more efficient than a petrol car, and more economical than a diesel.

✔Carbon footprint – Less emissions into the environment ♻️

✔Lower maintenance costs

The system recharges the battery in one of two ways: by using the internal combustion engine or through regenerative braking. Energy that would have been lost under braking or when lifting off the accelerator pedal is diverted to the battery to power the electric motor. This makes a hybrid ideal for stop-start traffic.

What are the cons?

😬Cost – It’s not all good news. Hybrids tend to be more expensive to buy than petrol or diesel cars.

✅However, there are some great deals to be had on hybrids via leasing options.

It entirely depends on the type of driving you need from your vehicle, however should you chose to go down the hybrid route, let us know if we can help and we will out you in touch with one of our contacts!

Here’s how they work!

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Hybrid Cars - Is this an option for you? Crescent Motoring Services