Have you met Ryan at Crescent Motors?

Have you met Ryan Summers at Crescent Motors?

Ryan Summers is one of our most skilled technicians. We were really happy to welcome him to the team in early 2021.

Having the ability to use, repair and maintain machines and tools is a skill in itself and something Ryan has. To be thorough and pay attention to detail is also a huge skill.  Problem-solving skills when you can’t find something wrong with a vehicle is a fantastic skill! Being able to use your initiative, working well with others with persistence and determination is something that Crescent Motoring Services as a business, thrives on. When looking for a car mechanic in Burton and it is imperative.

Have you met Ryan Summers at Crescent Motors?

Ryan loves nothing more than taking cars apart and putting them back together again, which is pretty handy given that’s what he is paid to do!!

Along with taking cars apart at home too, in his spare time Ryan likes to ride on a tractor around the fields with his son Oscar, aged 3 and going to ‘Skegvegas’ with his partner Kirsty, and Oscar. Ryan likes to go to the pub for a steak too!

If anyone reading this knows of another skilled car mechanic in Burton we would love to hear from them!

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