Fleet Repairs at a local garage like Crescent Motors and being local to you can offer several benefits, including:

Fleet Repairs at a local garage, Crescent Motoring Services in Burton, expert vehicle technicians

Cost Savings:

    • Labour Rates: Local garages often have lower labour rates compared to dealerships or large repair chains.

Personalised Service:

    • Tailored Solutions: Local garages like Crescent Motors are more likely to provide customised service plans that suit the specific needs of your fleet.
    • Direct Communication: Easier access to mechanics and managers allows for better communication and understanding of your fleet’s requirements.

Quicker Turnaround:

    • Faster Service: Local garages can often provide quicker turnaround times due to fewer bureaucratic processes and the ability to prioritise loyal customers.
    • Proximity: Being nearby means less downtime for vehicles traveling to and from the garage.

Quality and Trust:

    • Reputation: Local garages rely heavily on word-of-mouth and repeat business, motivating them to maintain high-quality service.
    • Consistency: Familiarity with your fleet can lead to more consistent and reliable service, as the mechanics understand the history and specific issues of your vehicles.

Community Support:

    • Local Economy: Supporting local businesses helps to strengthen the community and can lead to reciprocal support for your own business.
    • Relationships: Building a long-term relationship with a local garage can lead to better service and potentially more favourable terms.

Flexibility and Convenience:

    • Adaptability: Fleet Repairs at a local garage can be more flexible in scheduling and may be more willing to accommodate emergency repairs or last-minute requests.
    • One-Stop Service: Many local garages like us offer a wide range of services under one roof, making it convenient for managing various repair and maintenance needs.

Customer Focus:

    • High Level of Attention: Local garages often provide a higher level of personal attention and customer service.
    • Customised Recommendations: They can offer maintenance and repair recommendations tailored to your specific fleet’s usage patterns and needs.


    • Direct Accountability: With fewer layers of management, local garages can be more directly accountable for their work, leading to better service quality.
    • Reliability: A local business will be keen on maintaining its reputation in the community, thus ensuring reliable and trustworthy service. Call us to discuss your fleet repairs with us on 01283 509000 or contact us on info@crescentmotoringservices.com