Lyndsey and Stuart are seen here in the 15th Anniversary Feature!…of the Service and Repair Code, The Motor Ombudsman.

The Service and Repair Code is the longest-standing Code of its kind in the automotive sector and is approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI). Today, 7000 businesses have signed up for voluntary accreditation. This is available to independent garages/dealers, franchise dealer workshops, body repair centres and mobile mechanics.

What is an Ombudsman?

An ombudsman is an impartial service that considers consumer complaints about a variety of issues. These would relate to organisations in both the private and public sectors. It is tasked with reaching outcomes for both parties which are fair and reasonable based on the evidence provided, as an alternative to going to court.

What Is The Motor Ombudsman?

The Motor Ombudsman is the automotive dispute resolution (ADR) body. It is the first voluntary and fully-impartial private sector ombudsman for the automotive sector. This provides a self-regulatory environment for the industry using its Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)-approved Motor Industry Codes of Practice.

The Motor Ombudsman complements consumer law rather than being a substitute for it.

15th Anniversary Feature! Crescent Motoring Services Interview

Stuart and Lyndsey Watson

During the first quarter of 2023, The Motor Ombudsman received nearly 4000 customer contacts related to a service and repair, and accepted 600 cases for the relevant Code of Practice.

Luckily, Crescent Motoring Services have never really had many issues that we have had to use the service of the Motor Ombudsman.  However, we are grateful for having it there in case of need! We are so happy to have been interviewed for the 15th Anniversary Feature!

So, scroll down to see us feature in the ‘Garage Wire‘ website and you can see the picture of Lyndsey and Stuart. We are really proud of the garage, and how it is well known in the area. We constantly receive recommendations from our customers which we are really proud of. 🙂